Eat like a Local(vore)

Posted On : 2013-03-06

Bioregionalism? Yep. Farm-To-Table? Got that covered. Locavore? You bet. Call it by any name you wish, it just comes naturally to Vermonters: we eat food that comes from farms. Local farms. And it turns out we do it more than anyone else in the country. The Strolling of the Heifers Locavore Index ranks Vermont as the top state in its commitment to raising and eating locally grown food. We had more farmer’s markets and CSAs per capita than any other place in the country in 2012. Not too shabby for a little state like Vermont.

We’re glad to see “farm-to-table” and “locavore” become mainstream buzz words: we’ve been living by this concept here at the Panther for years. Almost all of our restaurant purchases come from local farms – produce, cheese, beef, chicken, pork, ice cream, locally roasted Vermont Organic coffee – and our menu changes seasonally to reflect the bounty of our little piece of Vermont. We love our local, organic, sustainable vendors and we’re lucky they love us too.

So the next time you’re in Vermont join us for dinner and take the time to seek out some farm-fresh products, it’s the best way to live like a local.