So much to do!

Posted On : 2011-10-24

View Towards East Dorset

So much to do, so little time!  And so goes the recent mantra, check-out after check-out.  Our guests can’t get enough of what southern Vermont has to offer – great hiking trails, local art, local food and farmers markets!  Manchester’s early claim to fame was its cutting-edge designer outlet program, its beautiful landscapes and close proximity to the ski mountains.  As time's gone by, we've watched our community grow beyond its founding features to include all kinds of independent boutiques, restaurants, galleries, cultural institutions and well-cared-for landmarks.  Recent guests have spent afternoons on the road checking out great Vermont scenery and funky, nearby towns.  They've hiked around Mount Equinox after a satisfying Panther breakfast.  We invite you to come and stay and explore a little of this local magic.  Spend an hour or two at the Northshire Bookstore, family owned and operated since 1976.  For foodies and gourmands, try Vermont Kitchen Supply.  Wine lovers rejoice—at Comollo’s Fine Wine and Antiques & Wines by George.  Don’t forget Mother Myricks, making fine chocolates in Manchester for over thirty years.  Don’t get me wrong, save some room in the trunk for that fantastic Coach bag or the Armani jacket you just can’t resist, but also pack your hiking boots; also pack your camera! Check out our woodland trails in the morning and ask the girls at the desk for directions to their favorite local treasure.  Some beautiful, rich, laid-back afternoons await you at the Panther.